It's fine to change things on us Facebook... but could you tell us why?

I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I like to say it's all work related but you know it's not. I'm always just cruising through liking, loving and caring about my friends and family.

But this week I had to pause for a second, did the Facebook 'like' button change colors?

It looks like it did!


FROM DAY 1 of the 'like' button, we've seen a blue and white thumbs up. It always gave me Monopoly vibes for some reason. Like the 'go to jail,' card colors.

We've seen a lot of changes to Facebook in the last decade but a pink 'like' button? I didn't see this one coming.

By the way I'm all for it. Pink makes me way happier than blue and it's fun to see the little excitement notches next to the thumb.


The strange thing is, I can't find any info as to when or why it changed.

Did you notice?

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