Fall is officially in the air and in your wine bottle, too.

We are smack dab in the middle of October and that means it's the BEST time of fall.

You know fall actually technically lasts until right before Christmas right? But it does NOT feel like that's true. No way, once we hit November things are downhill so now is the perfect time to soak up the fall vibes and drink all the fall wine.

Fall wine can be whatever you want it to be of course, but in Illinois we are lucky to have a lot of fruit forward wines which really lead to a nice fall blend.

One of our most awesome wineries is actually really close to Wisconsin, but we still call it ours, DC Estate Winery in South Beloit.

And this season they know how to mix up the perfect wine!

Say hello to the return of 'Blackberry Apple.'

Blackberry is one of my favorite fruit wine flavors, but mixing it with apple sounds even more amazing!

You can stop by DC Estate Winery Wednesdays thru Sundays where you can also try one (or more than one) wine slushy.

Their current flavors are Red Sangria and Harvest Spiced Pear.

But also please don't stop by to take Homecoming or other event photos without asking.

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