Do you have plans yet for Valentine's Day? What about a trip to a fancy restaurant serving rose infused cocktails? Sign me up. 

I mean, probably don't sign me up to actually go out to dinner on Valentine's Day... it's a Monday and I don't have a valentine, so I'm probably going to skip the actual 14th, however, these cocktails are at Josef's Steakhouse and Oyster bar for the next few weeks.

Once upon a time I worked in a restaurant and when Valentine's Day came around, it signaled the rebirth of people going out to dinner.

I'm not sure if this is still the case, but way back when (ok not that far back but I'm talking 2009-2013), after the Christmas whirlwind died down, there was about a month where the dinner rush wasn't so rush-y.

Then, came Valentine's Day.

Whether it was couples actually celebrating Valentine's Day or a crew of gals dressing up for Galentine's Day, there's just something about mid-February that has all of us itching to get out and enjoy food and drinks somewhere other than our houses.


Josef's Steakhouse and Oyster Bar just introduced a ton of new cocktails to their menu including one with rose infused simple syrup that actually comes with a rose in it, too!

Mason showed me how to make the drink... and proved that attempting it from home was a bad idea... last Friday on Good Day Stateline.

Would you order it?

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