When the U.S. government says you qualify for a $600 stimulus check and you only get $76 there's a problem.

That's the story out of Chicago for a woman named Christine H., who when she received a whopping $76, told ABC-7 "I looked up and down for some more money, I was like, this can't be right."

She goes on to say in the interview that she makes under $75,000 yearly which is apparently the threshold to get the entire $600 check. After checking the next day, Christine said there wasn't an overnight bump from the federal government.

So what gives? It sounds like Christine isn't the only one. The messaging surrounding the $600 stimulus checks have been so cloudy, many of us aren't sure what to expect.

I've got friends who said they were expecting a check, but never got one, and this is the first time around when the government was sending out the original $1200 stimulus checks. Again, like everything else in the past year or so, mass confusion.

Luckily the IRS website does have a rather informative frequently asked questions page that should help you out if you're facing some of the same issues as Christine.

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