So if you do some Google research on "Ghost Towns" around us, you will have problems locating them...even though they are still around. Weird, huh?

If you look up the definition of a "Ghost Town" you will find this:

a deserted town with few or no remaining inhabitants

O.K. so why can you barely find these places on a Google? I mean, they are actually there. Just because there isn't a Beef-A-Roo in these towns doesn't mean they're not there, right?

The sound of GHOST town is taking me to a place of, well do they just vanish after a while, like a GHOST? According to DailyOddsAndEnds there are four Ghost Towns in Winnebago County. Have you been through these places? Do they still exist? Do you know ANYTHING about these places? Check this out:

Letham Park: On a railroad, five miles from Rockton.
Genet: Another railroad Ghost Town, three miles from Love Park.
Alworth: Guess what, on a railroad! Five miles from Seward.
Elida: This last one is about four miles from Winnebago, drum roll please...NOT on a railroad.

So have these towns hopped a train and moved? Why are Ghost Towns on railroads? Can ghosts drive trains? Why can't you find much about these spots on Google?

Over time these towns basically just become a strip on land and apparently not worthy to be mentioned in a Google search.

The Letham Park location isn't far from where I live, I wonder if I can bike there...or if I will actually be able to find it when I get there?

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