I have to admit, I've never been shopping on Black Friday; it's just not worth my sanity. Personally, I prefer to wait for Cyber Monday; but if you've already added those leaked online Black Friday ads to your favorites then you've probably already established a solid game plan that allows you to get in and get out of your favorite stores; without incident. How do you do that?

With that game plan comes a list; a list of all the must-buys and a few things you might even get yourself; but if these things are on your list, USA Today recommends you just go ahead and take them off.

1. Electronics - The Monday before Thanksgiving is actually the cheapest day to buy electronics. While there are some major deals on Thanksgiving Day and after, there are also more out-of-stock notices.
2. Toys -  Experts recommend toy shopping the weekend before Thanksgiving because by Cyber Monday there are three times the out-of-stock notices. So if you want that Elsa doll that you missed out on last year, you might have a better chance at getting it this weekend.
3. Jewelry - Thanksgiving Day is the best day discount-wise to buy some bling. If you wait until December, you're unlikely to find better deals and those earrings or that watch your significant other wants might be out of stock.
4. Apparel - Black Friday won't score you too many deals on clothing, Thanksgiving Day is the best day to score those winter jackets, jammies and ugly Christmas sweaters. And if you wait until closer to Christmas, you'll save yourself a lot of money.

Do you shop on Black Friday? What do you love...or hate about it?

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