It's always been a tradition on Black Friday for big box stores to discount tons of products for shoppers to get the "best deals".  They're missing out on a big money-maker, though.

We've all been that person who gets up at the butt crack of dawn to go stand in line at Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and even Toys-R-Us to get the best deals on Black Friday.

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Shoppers Get Early Start To Holiday Shopping On Annual Black Friday
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When I worked at JcPenney at CherryVale Mall in Rockford, people were literally pulling at the doors to get in an hour before we even opened!  It's a madhouse, for sure.  Are the deals really even worth it, though?

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Instead of electronics and toys being discounted for shoppers, how about items that are more.. how do you say... essential?

Yeah, I'm talking about essential items - not impulse purchases.

Inflation Rate Holds Steady, Monthly Data Shows
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Why Don't Illinois Stores Discount This Popular Item For Black Friday?

Let's talk groceries.  Mhm, becoming an adult means more bills, responsibilities, and expenses we wish we didn't have to reach into our pockets for.

Groceries are a necessary purchase we eventually make because we have to eat!

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So, why aren't groceries heavily discounted on Black Friday over electronics, toys, and material purchases that just take up space in our homes?  Stores would be wiped out of product, which would be a good thing, right?

I know TONS of families would appreciate a major sale on food, toiletries, and other essentials.  Just for one day... it's not too much to ask!

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