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Frank Lloyd Wright and his unique houses and living quarters in Rockford and the Chicago suburbs have been well documented. But have you ever heard of the "Taliesin" property up north in Spring Green, Wisconsin? This story is creepy.

Wright disappeared to Europe in 1911 after having an affair. Eleven years late, Frank returned to the U.S. and the Midwest. He built a home on land owned by his mother, called "Taliesin" in Wisconsin.

In August of 1914, Frank Lloyd Wright headed to Chicago for business, leaving his family behind in Spring Green. He received word of a fire and that he needed to return to Wisconsin. This is where it gets crazy...

The butler, Julian Carlton, took an hatchet and started killing everyone in sight. Julian entered the home where the hired help on the property were eating lunch, and lit the place on fire! Once fire and police arrived, they found Carlton hiding in a furnace drinking hydrochloric acid...he passed seven weeks later.

After it was all said and done, there were seven murders. Obviously Frank Lloyd Wright was very distraught after this bizarre happening. He rebuild the home, only to be stuck by lighting and burning to the ground. Virily

This location in Spring Green, Wisconsin has become a strange tourist attraction. This bizarre mass murder location gets thousands of visitors a year.

Check out this video explaining the mass murder house about two hours north of Rockford.

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