A "masterpiece", "iconic architecture", a "dream house", and "the perfect Midwest getaway. Those are all things that have been said about this Wisconsin rental home.

Iconic Architecture

When it comes to iconic architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the first names mentioned. And it is almost impossible to believe that Airbnb is letting you book a stay in one of his Wisconsin masterpieces.

Frank Lloyd Wright
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During his lifetime, Wright designed 1,114 buildings, but only 532 of them were actually completed, and many of those were completed after his death in 1959. Seventy years of creating some of the most unique commercial buildings, museums, churches, and residential homes.

Frank Lloyd Wright Dream House

That brings us to an opportunity for you to spend a night, or many nights, in what you might call a 'Frank Lloyd Wright living museum.'

Less than a mile from the shores of Lake Michigan, in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, sits a perfectly preserved home designed and built by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright.

His style was to design structures in harmony with humanity and the environment. Frank Lloyd Wright referred to his philosophy on design as 'organic architecture.'

Through Airbnb, you can book a stay in the Schwartz house (aka Still Bend) in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The Schwartz House is one of the few Wright homes that allow guests to spend the night.

This stunning four bedroom, two full, and two half bath LIFE Magazine Dream House is yours to live in as if it is your own. Whether it’s two days or two weeks, you will experience the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. (airbnb)

Construction began on the home, designed for a LIFE Magazine issue about dream homes, in 1938 and was completed in 1940. Step back in time and experience the remarkable art of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Condé Nast Traveler's architect reporter Kristine Hansen described her experience as "staying in a true work of art." The home has also been featured on the Netflix series The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.

Rare Opportunity to Stay in a Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin Dream Home

Rare Chance To Own a Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home in Wisconsin

I could count on one hand the number of times that one of Frank Lloyd Wright's homes has been for sale to the public, and certainly not at this low price.

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