Class Ring Lost on Wisconsin Campus Found 45 Years Later
There's nothing worse in life than losing something that means a lot to you.
I've lost many personal items, and the feeling that you're never going to get it back is awful. It's actually fairly common that people lose their class rings...
Do we Stand Any Chance Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse in Illinois?
Do you have a zombie apocalypse escape plan in your head or are you normal?
Personally, I've thought about zombie apocalypses a lot. I blame movies, TV shows, video games, etc. But it always makes me think ... would I survive? My boyfriend plays A LOT of zombie video games...
WI. Floating Water Park Let's The Family Have Fresh Water Fun
Pack the sunscreen and some snacks because it's time to have some summer fun in Wisconsin.
It's officially summertime in Illinois and Wisconsin and that means all activities should include water. Pools, splash pads, sprinklers, swim lessons, water parks, and of course staying hydrated...
Do You Know The 7 Official State Foods of Illinois & Wisconsin?
A lot of states don't have an official food, Illinois and Wisconsin each have several state foods.
The midwest is really showing off on this list of official state foods put out recently. Well, at least Illinois and Wisconsin are. You might know that Illinois' state bird is the Cardinal, or…

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