Do You Believe in Illinois' Most Popular Superstition?
Are you superstitious?
Sorry, I had to.
I'm very superstitious. I was definitely that kid who avoided sidewalk cracks, held my breath past when I passed cemeteries, and other things like that. Now that I'm older, I see superstition differently...
Wisconsin Woman Spreads Joy by Plowing Snow as Inflatable Unicorn
Snow as a kid means you get to wake up and go sledding, build a snow man, and all the other fun winter activities. Snow as an adult means you get to wake up and plow the driveway.
I feel like the morning after a big snow fall neighborhoods are filled with grumpy adults just trudging up and down their…
Wisconsin Named One of The Best States For Women in 2021
Is it all the beer and cheese they've got?
A new survey came out that named the best states for women in 2021. Wisconsin made the top ten list coming in at #9! Here's the top ten best states for women according to WalletHub -

North Dakota
District of Columbia
Cruise on an Ice Bike at This One-of-a-Kind Rink in Wisconsin
Are you that person who loves the idea of going ice skating but 9/10 times you end up with an injury? You're not alone.
Personally, when I go ice skating, I just post up on the outside of the edge and watch people fall. Because I know if I go on the ice, I'll be the one falling for everyone…

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