It's time to plan your Friday the 13th tattoos, what are you getting? 

We are smack dab in the middle of spooky season and this year, October 13 is on a Friday. FRIDAY THE 13TH IN OCTOBER?!? I know! This is extra spookily special.

In addition to the spooky vibes we're all about to be feeling this Friday the 13th, we also get to take advantage of a ton of tattoo shops that are celebrating the 'holiday,' with tattoo discounts.

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Apparently, all Friday the 13ths are big tattoo days. I didn't realize this until recently. Thanks so you and our other 97ZOK Facebook fans, we now know all of the tattoo deals happening in the Stateline area.

Where to Get Tattoo Deals on Friday the 13th in Rockford

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Here are a few of the best deals:

    • Skin Deep Studio - Body Art & Beauty have $14 and $7 tip and $31 + $9 tip deals on Friday the 13th tattoos
  • Ambitious Ink Tattoo Studio in Roscoe is offering flash tattoos from noon until 8pm starting at $31
  • Gold Rose Tattoo Galley on E. State street is also doing $13 and $31 Friday the 13th tattoos from noon until 8pm
  • And if this weekend doesn't work for you, 6 Finger Tattoo is having a costume contest and flash tattoo day on Saturday October 28th from noon until 8p.m.

Now the question is... what tattoo are you getting this October? I would LOVE to know - better yet, once you get the tattoo, send us a photo on the App chat!

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