Who is the Gargoyle King? This question was finally answered during Riverdale's Season 3 finale.

WARNING: Major Riverdale spoilers ahead.

On Wednesday (May 15) night's episode, titled "Survive the Night," the show revealed the true identity of the monster that's been terrorizing the town all season—and it's none other than Chic, who we find out is being controlled by Penelope Blossom. You see, Chic might have dressed up as the Gargoyle King, but Penelope orchestrated the whole thing to get revenge on Riverdale and the members of The Midnight Club.

The last time we saw Chic was back Season 2 when he was running from the Hal Cooper's Black Hood. Fans never found out what happened to him or whether he was killed or not, but Hal reveals he spared Chic's life and offered him a deal instead. Then, when Hal was sent to prison, Penelope made Chic dress up like her dead son Jason, as well as have him get everyone to play the game Gryphons and Gargoyles.

So there you have it! The mystery's been solved and the villain has been unmasked. See how fans reacted to the big Riverdale Season 3 reveal in the tweets below:

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