If you're having a difficult time coming up with the money to pay your bills, you my have just found a solution.

A research company is now paying people to get infected with the coronavirus. Yes, this virus has infected nearly 110,000 people on every continent except for Antartica, and yes, this virus has killed nearly 4,000. But, you need money and researchers need to know more about the virus.

The British company Hvivo, which describes itself as “an industry-leading services provider in viral challenge studies and laboratory services supporting product development for customers developing antivirals, vaccines, and respiratory therapeutics, is paying people to intentionally catch the coronavirus.

Enroll in Hvivo's FluCamp for your chance to score over $4,500 by becoming a guinea pig. You'll be part of helping develop better treatments for all kinds of viruses.

If you're chosen to participate, you'll be infected with the less aggressive strain of the coronavirus (0C43 and 229E) and then live in quarantine for two weeks at the Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre in Whitechapel, London. You won't be able to exercise or have physical contact with other people. Also, your diet will be highly regimented.

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