This Sunday, Usher is set to take over the stage in the middle of the biggest football game of the season, and this is your unofficial Usher halftime drinking game. 

It's that time again, football season is coming to a close, but not without a super huge game and an even huger performance in the middle!

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That means, it's time for our annual unofficial Big Game Halftime Drinking Game!

For years I've been working on these drinking game scenarios for the biggest football game of all, and this year's drinking rules are perfect if you want to enjoy a cocktail or two, or maybe you want to get a jump start on your Monday morning workout... you can sub sips for jumping jacks or squats! You do you.

Usher Halftime Drinking Game

Take one drink...

  • if we hear the song, 'DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love'
  • if Usher comes out in sunglasses
  • if someone at your party says, 'hey I know this song!'
  • if the kids at your party get up and dance within the first minute
  • if Lil Jon pops up to sing 'Yeah'

Take two drinks...

  • if someone at your party says, 'I thought Taylor Swift was performing!'
  • if a dad at your party says, 'Didn't this guy perform a couple years ago?' then roll your eyes and tell him that was The Weeknd.
  • if/when you hear 'its' ursher baby.'
  • if Justin Bieber shows up as a surprise guest

Finish your drink...

  • if Kim Kardashian introduces Usher to kick things off
  • if someone says, 'he reminds me of a guy, that I, once knew'
  • if Usher doesn't bring any special guests on stage

Finish all the drinks at your party if...

  • if Taylor Swift jumps on stage to perform a 'Shake it Off/Omg' collab
  • if shirtless Jason Kelce chugs a beer during 'U Got it Bad'
  • if you're soaked in sweat after dancing throughout the entire halftime performance
  • if you don't want to wake up Monday morning

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