I have had just about enough...of my dogs eating the crotch out of my underwear.

And its never the comfortable, cotton ones, it's always the fancy, silky ones that I usually get one wear out of before they find their way into my dog's mouth.

It's disgusting I know; but I've tried everything to keep them out of reach, yet they still manage to find them at the bottom of the hamper, under my bed and in stashed plastic bags.

The only other option I have left is to keep them locked up; which is always a possibility, but so is this- fake panties.

After cutting the collar off one of my sweatshirts to create that cute, off the shoulder look, I noticed that the piece of collar looked like thong underwear.


A light bulb went off, and I decided to cut up a few more sweatshirts and left the collar pieces around the house, and it seemed to work.

When I came home from work yesterday, my dog was cuddled up with the sweatshirt and all of my underwear were still in the dirty clothes basket.

If you're sick of buying new underwear every two weeks, this might be worth a try; and yes, it helps if the sweatshirt is dirty and smells like you...it's not about the shape of the object, but the smell, obviously.


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