Are ghosts real? I wasn't so sure myself until a ghost woke me up while I was sleeping last night. 

I'll be real with you. I've never had a paranormal experience before, nope, not in my 36 years of life, but last night I did.

While I was sleeping, I swear to you that a ghost was in my bedroom staring at me from next to my bed and he looked like Albert Einstein.

Let me start at the beginning.

I got home from work yesterday and noticed that the books in my kitchen were falling down.

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Basically I have a bunch of cookbooks lined up with an Echo on top and they looked like someone moved a book from the collection or just simply slammed them down.

I spent ten minutes looking around my apartment and rewatching my little camera and saw nothing and went about my day.

At around 9:55pm I looked at my phone for the last time before going to bed... and suddenly at about 10:34pm I woke up screaming.

I was screaming 'how did you get in here?!?!' to a ghost that was standing next to my bed.

I saw this ghost's full face looking at me. I was scared out of my mind and my entire body was trembling, and wouldn't stop trembling until I went back to sleep, thankfully ghost free.

Thinking it over today I am hoping that my Albert ghost was trying to tell me something positive or turn my brain in the right direction.

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I'd prefer not to see Albert again tonight, but I'm a little worried I might.

Have you ever had a paranormal encounter?

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