We loved her as Britney S. Pierce on Glee and now we love her even more after her major LOL on an Illinois talk show this week. 

Heather Morris is a funny lady. We knew this when we met her as Britney S. Pierce on May 19, 2009 on Glee.

She was the goofy one, the silly one and the genuine heartfelt member of the New Directions.

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And you know what? It looks like Heather Morris is all of the above too.

I have had the chance to chat with her on Good Day Stateline (weeknights on FOX39 in Rockford) twice this year and have nothing but nice things to say about her.

In April, I chatted with her about Earth Day.

And this week, we talked about season two of the scripted podcast she produces, The Bystanders.

After we were done talking about the podcast I threw one more question at her, about appetizers, since this week on Good Day Stateline we're hunting for the Stateline's Best Appetizer.

Heather Morris' Total LOL Moment on Good Day Stateline

Heather heard something a little different which resulted in what I can say is the funniest TV moment I've had in 2023 so far.

Appetizer and advertiser really do sound the same!

Liberty Mutal got in the fun too, telling Heather, 'honored to be one of your favorite appetizers,' on Instagram.

Too much fun, really.

So the question remains... what's your favorite appetizer? Who's your favorite advertiser?

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