I remember my Dad complaining about my music when I was a teenager He'd call it "noise pollution."

Dad, you were wrong. Sorry. The key to living a long and happy life is music. Not just music, but music where you and thousands of your closest friends can all convene.

Yes, the concert. The concert saves lives. Going to a couple of live shows is one of my favorite summertime activities, and now that I know going as often as possible will tack on 9 more years of life, I have a built-in excuse to spend as much needed.

Best part, you can leave a little early if you want to beat the traffic. You only need to take in 20 minutes of live music to increase your well-being by over 20%.

02 says "feelings of self-worth and closeness to others" go up 25% just by taking in a concert. Most astoundingly, "mental stimulation climbs...to an impressive 75%."

Next time money, work, a friend, or family member tries to prevent you from checking out some live music, just tell them "I'm doing this to remain healthy."

I'm sure they'll understand.

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