Stir your potions and grab your broomstick because you're invited to Wolf Hollow's Witches Market this weekend in Belvidere, Illinois. 

October means black, orange, spooky and creepy, and I have a feeling you'll find all of that this weekend at Wolf Hollow's Witches Market.

What's a Witches Market?

I'm glad you asked. It's not just a room full of costumed witches, but costumes are highly encouraged.

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According to the Facebook Event Page for the Witches Market, 'the Witches Market celebrates the wonderful energy of light workers, healers and guardians of this earthly plane.'

The event has definitely grown since it started in 2021, because now it's held at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Over 85 different vendors will be there from 4pm until 10pm this Saturday October 7.

Yes there will be plenty of witchy decor and gift items to buy, buy you'll also meet 'readers of tea leaves, palms, bones and tarot,' artists, a DJ and four live bands performing at Oracle Overlook.

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Witches get hungry, thankfully the Wolf Hollow team has you covered there, with Ka Bao, Sabores Mobile Kitchen, Batchz BBQ, Halo Bakeshop, Frank's Lemon Shakeups, Gala's Snack Shack and Wicked Nutrition.

How Much Do Witches Market Tickets Cost?

Tickets are not available to purchase ahead of time, you can get them at the gate on your way inside the market this Friday for $15. Children 12 and under are free.

I just head there's a witches cackle contest so I might need to be there... are you spooky enough to be the best witch at the market?

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