If I travel for anything other than vacation, it's for food.

I have gone on trips and sightseeing excursions strictly for the meal.

Not saying I couldn't get my fill of delicious-looking food in Rockford or the surrounding areas but sometimes you just need to travel to eat something truly amazing.

That's what happened today while browsing Reddit when I saw this amazing shawarma but before I could pack a suitcase I noticed it came from somewhere in Rockford.

Petiteraven1 on Reddit:
Shawarma from the highway in Rockford, Illinois. It was so good, I’m going to go back.

Commenters tried to figure out where the shawarma came from. The best guess is that it was purchased at the Belvidere Oasis. I checked, and there isn't a shawarma vendor at the oasis at least according to my internet searches.

There are two listed places in Rockford that sell shawarma. Ali Baba Mediterranean Cuisine and Sahara Palace. I'm sure those places are delicious but I want the shawarma in the picture and the Reddit person said it was "from the highway." Considering both of the aforementioned restaurants are on East State Street in Rockford, neither qualify to me as on the "highway."

So that's where you come in. Any idea you might know where a fella such as myself might be able to find this exquisite sandwich or do I need to drive out to the Belvidere Oasis myself to confirm that this place exists?

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