We've all been working from home for a while now, some days are better than others, but basically, it's kind of hard. Here's why.

No one hates the short commute from their bedroom to their couch, nor do we hate the easy access to the kitchen, the middle of the day breaks to go for a walk or never having to wait in line for the bathroom, but the actual work part at home, really sucks.

Turns out it's totally normal to feel this way.

Thank goodness! Because I was starting to feel concerned about why I was hating on working from my living room!

According to NBC 5 Chicago, we are all less productive an more exhausted working from home.

The longer we stay home, which i a good thing for the community... the longer we veer from our normal days. Almost to the point where we don't really remember what we used to accomplish sitting at work.

Add in the fear and anxiety associated with the coronavirus and bam, it's hard to be at home.

NBC does give tips to fight the difficulties of working from home: create and maintain a 'new normal,' chill out about not being perfect, have some sort of virtual commute, and establish more peaceful feelings.

The peaceful feelings are the hardest for me, too!

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