Lizzy is just a girl, with a computer, asking a boy to date her.

Remember when you were little and you would send notes like, 'Do you like me? Circle yes or no...'

Let's be real, I never sent any of those, but normal people did, and that's how they decided to turn a crush into a boyfriend.

Well, it's 2017 now, so those notes have turned into Power Point presentations, at least for Hononegah High School graduate, Lizzy Fenton.

Lizzy created a Power Point presentation to explain to crush, Carter Blochwitz, that he should date her.

She really went for it.

Detailing her personality, looks, and income.

Those are some very impressive deatils, Lizzy!

Unfortunately for Lizzy, Carter's response was this.

However... if you check out his Instagram account, they seem to be pretty good friends.

Even if they don't ever go on a date, Lizzy has got to be pretty happy with the response she got from Microsoft.

And sort of happy with this post from 50 cent.


According to USA Today, the whole thing was a joke...which, if that's true, you did a pretty good job getting the Internet hooked, Lizzy!

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