Is it just me or does coffee taste better when it's free? Not that stuff you pray is still warm that you squirt into a styrofoam cup that's way too small. I'm talking when you can go to Starbucks and get a delicious cup of coffee for free. It's not every day this is a thing, but for all of January 2019 it can be.

So how do you score this deal? Starbucks is selling a reusable tumbler that when purchased will score you a free grande brewed hot coffee or hot tea every day in January. Check it out -

Credit Pinterest Via Delish
Credit Pinterest Via Delish

Now lets break down prices because lets face it we all know Starbucks cups are not cheap, but this one is definitely worth it. The 16-ounce tumbler is $40... now hear me out. Delish details -

A grande brewed coffee costs around $2.89 with tax. Multiply that by 31 and you're looking at $89.59 for the month. With the $40 cup, you're saving $50 if you take advantage of the promotion every day. Even if you're not an every day coffee or tea drinker, if you go every other day (14 times), you'll make your money back, and get a tumbler out of it.

It's really the gift that keeps on giving, get one for your coworkers or friends and get them a cup and coffee for a month! Or just treat yourself like I'm probably going to do.

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