Do you know the most important things to do at a party for singles? You want to have a great time, it's vital if you want to meet someone new. Two things make the difference.

George Doyle, ThinkStock
George Doyle, ThinkStock

While there are many things to consider in this kind of party environment, these are a good start.


Too many people waste what could've been a good night by not doing just a couple small things. Don't go in with expectations too high. People think they will trade up and get a better partner then they normally would find. Why put that kind of pressure on you or them. Just enjoy the night! The sense of disappointment will crush your vibe. And NOTHING will increase your potential for meeting cool, fun new people like a fun, happy totally relaxed vibe.


Guys - The reason the girls are there is to meet someone, even if it appears differently. Pretty much everyone heads straight to the bar upon arrival, especially the women. Then they tend to go to a table in groups of 2-4 with their friends. The guys, will stand around scoping out the room. This makes it hard for both parties. Generally it's the guy who makes the approach and the best way to do it is to just do it. No fake or cheesy lines, they just make you appear less confident. A confident guy doesn't need to try and appear clever or witty all the time, he's happy just to put his real personality out there. Girls - You're aiming for open and friendly. Don't close yourself off around a table. Don't make it impossible for a prospective guy to physically talk to you!

And women tend to leave the party earlier, especially the hot ones. What does that mean buddy - IT MEANS DON'T STAND AROUND YUCKING IT UP WITH YOUR BUDDIES. And the worst that could happen is she says no. Keep on moving.

Having been the entertainment at many events like Rockford's Single and Mingle Party, I've watched many really amazing people completely screw up the opportunity to meet someone great. Here's just a few more observations I've made:

  • If you can't dance... stay off the dance floor. Unless you can blend with your group
  • Guys, don't stand on the edge of the dance floor ogling at the women dance... it's just creepy
  • Don't get hammered... period!
  • If there's a guy you're not interested in, there is no need to be rude
  • Everybody needs to smile more... it's very becoming and approachable. Even helpful if you like him. It helps him get the hint.
  • Make sure your compliments are 100% genuine or at least seem like it. Nothing is more powerful than a genuine, appropriately placed compliment... trust me on that one.

So much has been written on this subject but don't follow any suggestions if you can't 'own it.' Be comfortable and relaxed. Awkwardness happens to all of us but it's something you must overcome.