A 'Distracted Walking' ordinance is being proposed in Chicago and if it comes to Rockford, it could be costly. I am a distracted walker.

Honestly, even without my cell phone I'm distracted.

My mind is always all over the place, but at least when I'm not holding my phone I tend to be looking up and paying attention to cars, other humans and poles so I don't walk into them.

When I do have my phone in my hand, all bets are off. I've run into plenty of humans, but thankfully no cars... yet.

Some people have not been so lucky.

According to NBC 5 Chicago, pedestrian deaths have been pretty prevalent in the last few years and it seems like texting and walking is part of the problem.

Thus, the 'distracted walking' ordinance is coming to Chicago, and if it passes, distracted walking could cost you up to $500.

That seems like enough for me to keep my phone in my pocket, what about you?

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