Steven Tyler is crashing the 4th of July in Naperville this year, but it's not exactly what you've hoped for.

You, being me.

I grew up in a basement blasting Aerosmith.

Sure, sometimes I went upstairs, but most of my childhood was filled with Steven, Joe, Joey, Tom and Brad and my two brothers who have been to more Aerosmith concerts than I can count.

I have been to none.

Once, in Junior High my entire family was going to an Aerosmith concert and I got so sick I had to stay home.

Alone, which I never understood why I stayed home alone, but I did and I missed the show and instead watched 'The Brave Little Toaster.'

It's now my life goal to see Aerosmith before Steven Tyler turns into a raisin. Sorry, but you know it's gonna happen. He will be on stage and trip on a scarf and just become a California Raisin.

So when I saw this morning that Steven is playing in Naperville next July I was so excited!

Until... I realized, he's not playing with Aerosmith. Nope, he's playing with the Loving Mary Band, who I have yet to Google but I assume is country. I am not into country music.

Tickets for Ribfest go on sale November 22 so I have until then to decide if I need to seize this opportunity.

Is Steven really the same without Joe and company? Help!

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