Money doesn't buy happiness... or does it? Well, we do need money to survive, and apparently, we need a specific amount of money to be happy here in Illinois. 

We all have complaints about our childhoods, but there's one very positive about mine. My parents provided me with all the things I needed to survive, play sports, go to school, but they also didn't spend money on things I didn't need. They may have financially parented me perfectly.

I blew a few thousand bucks when I moved to L.A. without a job in 2011, but I made it back and I can still thank them for prepping me to be financially happy now in 2023.

But am I making the right amount of money to be happy in Illinois?

Looks like I'm not - are you?!

According to a report from FOX32 in Chicago, you need a minimum annual salary of $99,015 to be happy in Illinois.

WOW. That's a pretty hefty amount.

There are a few different levels of this happiness ladder.

The $99,015 is what you need to be considered happy in your entire life. But if you make somewhere between $60,000 and $75,000 in Illinois, you can be considered rich enough for emotional happiness.

Which confuses me a little... isn't happiness an emotion?

You can read more about this study and judge for yourself... because if it's all about money, then sure I could pick up another job and make $100,000/year, BUT when am I going to be happy if I'm working 24/7?

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