1990s Car owners, now is the time to cash in on your 'classic' car. 

First of all, is a 1990s car a classic? I feel like at this point it might be. I mean we've been out of the 90s for 22.25 years!

If your car's birthday is sometime in 1992 or before you're in luck because 4 Star Casting, which casts many commercials, TV shows and movies in Chicago is looking specifically for 1990s cars.

The Facebook post says 1990s cars but it looks like if your car happens to be even older than that it will fit the bill too.

Do you have a car from the 1980s? Maybe the 1970s? 60s?

While the posting does ask for information about the human who owns the car, there are no details as to if the person will be featured on TV/Movie/Commercial or to what capacity, but just think, this could be your big break?

Maybe you have the perfect 1989 Ford Escort Station Wagon. You've been keeping it in perfect condition waiting for a need to show it off. Now you have the chance to get that car on a big (or small) screen and maybe they'll need you to drive it.

Maybe you'll need to drive around a huge celebrity? Maybe they'll decide to have you read a few lines and suddenly, they realize that celeb isn't the perfect lead for the movie, it's you!

And you'll owe it all to that 1989 Ford Escort Station Wagon that's been chilling in your garage since 1997.

I'm telling you, it could happen.

PS, let me know if it does.

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