To know Suzi, was to love her. 

Cookies. They're a big part of life. Whether you just really need one on a Friday morning, or you're hosting a party and you need six dozen next Saturday afternoon. We all need cookies to survive.

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For Cookies By Design in Rockford, Illinois, there's more to the cookie experience than just the dough and the chocolate chips. The delivery van that worked to get those cookies to where they needed to be is almost as important as the sweets.

Which is why, when Suzi the Sonic, took her last breath this week. The Cookies By Design team needed to mourn her on Facebook.

The team shared this post to remember Suzi and all of the cookies she's delivered in the Stateline.

Suzi the Sonic was part of the Cookies by Design team for 11 years and 199,600 miles!

The final sentences really do make you tear up,

'Suzi was loved fiercely by her Cookies Ladies, and she will be missed. May you rest in piece. You were such a wonderful, faithful friend.'

Honestly, I traded in my most recent car in the spring and I pretty much cried saying goodbye to it and it was only seven years old.

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Dare I say, 'cars are people, too?'

I'm sure Suzi's replacement will work just as hard, especially this fall, since Cookies By Design just dropped their new fall flavors. I'm not a huge pumpkin lover, but I will totally try their new pumpkin white chocolate cookies, yum!

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