'Dad Bods' are all the rage, and one Illinois BBQ sauce company is raising money for Vets with a 'Dad Bod' calendar.'

Just in time for Veterans Day, Veterans BBQ is selling an amazing calendar packed with 'Dad Bods.'

Yep, you read that right, 'Dad Bods.'

Veterans BBQ sauce is based in Huntley, IL and 100% of their profits are donated to Veteran organizations.

Yes, they sell BBQ sauce, but I have a feeling, the hottest seller on the Veterans Q site right now might be the calendar.

Packed with 'Dad Bods' in boudoir poses, the '2019 Barbecue Boy Toys Calendar' is $19.99, filled with 'Dad Bods' and meat of course.

This could be the perfect grab bag gift for the holidays.

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