Super trendy because everyone wants to make them and not really surprising because they're really, really good.

The question though, is it actually a donut? Sure, the outside of the ultra-trendy Ice Cream Donut Sandwich is all donut but the inside makes it more ice cream than actual donut.


For example, the Luther Burger is a burger with a glazed donut bun. Is that considered a donut? The name implies it's a burger, so who knows what to classify the Ice Cream Donut Sandwich officially.

MSN however, doesn't have any problem saying the ice cream donut sandwich is Illinois' best donut saying Firecakes in Chicago makes the best of the bunch.

Stuff it with your choice of ice cream and pick from a long list of toppings and sauces such as hot fudge and bourbon caramel.

No matter how you classify the Ice Cream Donut Sandwich, it's delish.

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