I'll never forget the first (and last time) I tried ghost pepper hot sauce. I got a DROP put onto my finger, and it was so hot I threw up and the spicy taste stayed on my finger for a WEEK. So this donut will not be on my list of things I'm dying to try. But maybe it's on yours!

They make it look delicious, I can't even lie. But still, I'm scared of the spice. Here's what it's supposed to taste like according to WTVO ...

“Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut” features strawberry-flavored icing topped with cayenne, ghost pepper, and red sanding sugar.

I honestly can't even picture what that would taste like. But I found a review on YouTube to give us a better idea of what the donut really looks and tastes like -

The donut is available nationwide until December.

The internet seems torn on the new donut. A lot of the replies on Twitter were just "Why?", but then there's the spice lovers. I think people who love spicy stuff are really excited to try it.

Some comments seem like the donut is actually pretty spicy, but then of course you have people saying they didn't taste any spice. So I guess we'll just have to try it.

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