When it comes to finding theme restaurants that don't overdo it, it's pretty dicey.

You know, sometimes those restaurants can be so in your face with the ambiance, food, and waitstaff, by the time you leave the joint you're exhausted.


Not sure if I can say the same for this place that was just recognized as the best themed restaurant in Illinois according to Lovefood:

Fiesta is the theme at Carnivale, a Latin American–inspired restaurant in Chicago’s central West Loop. It’s a riot of bold, bright, eye-popping colours and the atmosphere, while always party ready, gets even livelier when there’s a live performance, from dancers to a Mariachi band. The menu draws from the flavours of Mexico and Central and South American countries, with dishes like fish tacos and steak with herb-packed chimichurri as vibrant as the decor.

This isn't some brand new restaurant trying to do things differently in order to stand out in a crowded restaurant scene.


Since opening in 2005, Carnivale has established itself as one of the premier dining destinations in Chicago’s West Loop.

With a lush interior and original artwork, the Carnivale experience makes every meal a celebration.

Rated a 4 out of 5 on Yelp, Carnivale sounds like it might be the real deal.

Marisa R. says "Overall, a good experience with pretty good food although the rice was super undercooked."

Lucy B. was much more positive mentioning "I was completely caught up when the dancer parade came out, and very impressed with the drummer dude managing to kill it while walking up and downstairs."

However, Amanda C. thinks Carnivale is "Just not great like it used to be back in the day."

To me, dinner at Carnivale sounds like a one-of-a-kind night out.

Carnivale is located at 702 West Fulton Street in Chicago.

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