Almost no other state will see as many cicadas as we will in Illinois with two periodical broods emerging this spring. The numbers will be in the billions. The big question residents have is how long cicadas will live above ground.

Most Asked Questions About Cicadas


The biggest story of spring in Illinois is the number of cicadas coming out of the ground this year.

Why are so many cicadas coming to Illinois?

Where will these two cicada broods be coming out of the ground together?

What do cicadas do once they're above ground?

Is it true that cicadas get STDs?

(not only is it true, you should see what happens to the males)

Did you know that if you have these 2 things in your yard, you'll have way more cicadas than residents who don't?

From CBS News comes the answer to one of the biggest questions we have about all these cicadas — how long will they be here?

What Do Cicadas Do Once They're Above Ground?


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Cicadas spend the vast majority of their lives underground feeding on tree roots and come out at the end of the 13 or 17-year cycle.

When they emerge, a cicada's #1 job is to reproduce.

To attract mates, male cicadas start buzzing loudly about 4 or 5 days after emerging from underground.

The females will flick their wings to signal to the males they want to mate.

The females lay their eggs in woody plants, shrubs, and trees. Females can lay around 500 to 600 eggs.

The eggs hatch about six weeks after they're laid, and the babies fall to the ground, eventually digging themselves into the soil, where they will remain for 13 or 17 years.

How Long Will Cicadas Be Around in Illinois



After around a month of reproducing (or spreading that STD mentioned earlier), the adult cicadas will begin to die.

If you're a person who likes to eat bugs, try grabbing up a few cicadas to eat before they die.

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