Halloween is long gone and you have got to get rid of those pumpkins before they get moldy, so you better made some plans to 'smash' them this weekend. 

Carving pumpkins is a huge part of celebrating Halloween. Maybe this year you carved pumpkins with your entire family, or just one of your favorite friends, either way, I'm sure it was fun and you left happy with a beautifully carved jack-o'-lantern.

Take a look at that jack now... he's probably getting moldy, just a little bit on the inside, right? No worries, you don't have to toss that almost moldy pumpkin in the garbage, instead you can bring him to 'Smashing Pumpkins,' at the Discovery Center Museum this weekend.

While I've never been to this annual event, it looks pretty cool. I'm also super jealous that 'kids these days,' have events like this. When I was a kid... we just had to pay our siblings to throw away the pumpkins that got too moldy to touch.

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Actually I never paid my siblings to throw away a pumpkin, but I actually did pay my college roommate $1 to throw my moldy pumpkin away when we were freshmen, so it's the same vibe.

Smashing Pumpkins is this Sunday at the Discovery Center Museum at 711 N. Main Street in Rockford.

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The event starts at 11 a.m. and goes until 2 p.m., you do have to pay to be a part of the event, $10/person for the public and free for museum members.

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