We're on the brink of graduation season, which means you're about to get invited to dozens of celebration BBQs. What's the right gift to bring to these recent grads?

Every May and June, high school and college students get ready to celebrate some major accomplishments but this year, the 2024 graduates are celebrating something more than the rest of us did when we were their age.

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Because... the college class of 2024, never got a high school graduation. Or at least they didn't have a normal one. They left their senior year of high school in March and never came back thanks to the global pandemic.

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You know what else that means? Our current high school graduating class didn't get to celebrate leaving 8th grade either.

While you can definitely have sympathy for these students and cheers them on even harder as they walk across the stage, are you supposed to gift them more for their recent graduations because of this?

According to MSN.com, it's more about how close you are to the grad rather than the fact that they didn't get to celebrate in 2020.

MSN suggests that you gift a middle school grad between $10 and $30 for their achievement.

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For high schoolers, you should gift them at least $30 and more depending on your relationship with them. Don't spend more than $50 if you don't really know the grad well, but if this is your niece, nephew or grandchild's graduation, you'll probably want to give them $100-200.

The going rate for college grads is the same as high school grads these days, but MSN suggests adding an extra $100 if you're celebrating someone's Master's or PhD.

I think I should go back to school so I can celebrate again, anyone else?

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