Lent is just around the corner, so you know what that means right? It's fish fry time! But where's the best place to get your hands on some fried fish? We found the answer. 

Whether you're a strong practicing Catholic, someone who's been to church twice in their life or someone who just loves a big, huge fish fry, this is YOUR season.

Fish frys are actually way more popular than I realized, this could be because it's not quite my favorite menu item... but I can appreciate the love for deep fried fish and french fries.

Wednesday, February 22 is Ash Wednesday which means fish frys are about to take over at a ton of local restaurants.

I went to Yelp! to help you pick your first stop, if of course you like to be influenced by the other Yelpers out there.

According to the website, the top ten fish frys in Rockford are:

  1. Prairie Street Brewing Company
  2. The Hope and Anchor English Pub
  3. Tavern on Clark
  4. Tad's Bar & Grill
  5. Buster's Bar & Grill
  6. Hoffman House
  7. The Machine Shed
  8. Stockholm Inn
  9. Bushel & Peck's
  10. Thunder Bay Grille

While I haven't tasted any of their fried fish, I have had delicious food from Prairie Street, Taven on Clark, Hoffman House, The Machine Shed and Thunder Bay Grille.

I'll have to stop by the rest of the list soon!

Where's your top spot to enjoy a fish fry? We're always just a message away in the 97ZOK app.


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