One little boy had the best moment of his year watching a United crew member prep for a flight. 

Some people might see January as a chilly, lonely, month, but it's also a month where we can really give some time and attention to photos and videos we took throughout the holidays!

I mean really... check out all the photos you took in December, there's probably three times more than you took any other month!

It's the time to share and post anything you might've looked over waiting for Santa.

Or maybe, like me, someone sent you an adorable video of your nephew having the moment of his life while waiting for an airplane to take off.

Maddon, who is five, is pretty much in love with anything that transports people. From trains to planes, he loves playing with them, looking at them and traveling on them.

My brother sent me this video of Maddon and a United Airlines employee playing a game of hide n seek through the window before the plane took off and you know I had to share it.

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It's so cute.

Plus, the airline industry took a plummet in social media love this holiday season, so it's always nice to shed a light on someone in the industry who is making a little kid smile.

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