Sure you saw a sliver of the sun peeking out behind the moon for a few minutes using your special glasses, but your photos aren't as cool as the ones we found on Camp Ruff It's social media pages. 

There's something special about a day like today, Monday April 8. I don't mean that we had a solar eclipse that won't happen again for decades, but the fact that almost everyone on Earth spent sometime doing the same thing today. That rarely happens!

The plus of something like that, you can talk to anyone you run into for the next few days about their eclipse experience.

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The minus of this... there are about a million photos of the eclipse all over your social media feeds and that can get pretty boring.

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Unless, like me, you happen to follow the doggie daycare, Camp Ruff It on Instagram.

The Camp Ruff It crew is ALWAYS taking a day like eclipse day and having just a smidge more fun with it than the rest of us.

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While your photos might look just like everyone else's on Instagram, these pups are uniquely shining above the rest.

With all of these eclipsed pups, can you pick a favorite?




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