First there was Cartwheel, then Target Circle came along, now Circle 360 is getting ready to take over.

Target stores started in Minnesota in 1962 but it took almost thirty years for the discount retailer to come to Illinois. The first IL open its doors in 1993 and well, in case you didn't know... the corporation has been growing ever since.

I think I remember a time without Target. I know I remember a time before I could order things from Target and I definitely remember the world before I could do Target pick-up. Times were rough then, but they're oh so much better now.

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As of this weekend, things could get even better? I'm reserving my opinion until Sunday when Target plans to launch their 'Circle 360' program.

The program looks like an attempt to get customers back from Amazon and Walmart, giving them the opportunity to pay a fee to access better sales and quicker shipping rates like Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus.

The big Circle 360 kick-off starts Sunday, April 7 with Circle Week, where for the first time, Target Circle members will automatically get discounts on certain items. Right now, you have to go in your app and select the discount in order to save, the new system sounds better right?

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Being a Target Circle member will remain free, and so will opening up a circle card (which helps you save 5 percent every time you shop) but that Circle 360 plan will cost you.

It looks like starting Sunday, you'll be able to sign up for the Circle 360 membership for $49 for the first year, and after that it will be $99.

The perks include 'unlimited same day delivery, 'free 2-day shipping,' 'no -rush returns, and everything else you already get as a free Circle member.

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Will it be worth it? I'm not really sure yet, but I plan to dig into all of this on Sunday!

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