We might be salty that Dollar Tree raised their prices over the past few years but shoppers are more than willing to spend an extra twenty-five cents on this iconic item.


We all know that Dollar Tree always has the most random merchandise.  Just walking down any aisle you'll find something you didn't know you "needed" haha.

Recently, the company started revamping the store and adding "Greater Value" sections with higher priced items anywhere from $1.50 to $7.00.  They're basically a Five Below at this point.

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Rising Inflation Pushes More People To Shop At Dollar Stores
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As Dollar Tree started bringing in new merch, I noticed they've upped their plushy game.  Besides stuffed animals, they also have plushies of cartoons from the '90s.  Let me be the first to say this: I've never been more excited to find cartoon plushies for $1.25 until I found characters from my favorite PBS Kids show, Arthur.

Why Are People Storming Illinois Dollar Tree Stores To Buy This?

'90s babies are on the hunt for four character plushies from 'Arthur' at Dollar Tree stores around the country; Arthur, DW, Francine, and Buster.

I'm one of those '90s babies.  All I need is Buster and my set will be complete!

Emily Manisone
Emily Manisone

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Why are these so popular?  First off, Arthur is actually Illinois' favorite '90s kids' cartoon.  Second, these characters are from shows that were educational and taught us to much as kids!  So when we see them available in-store anywhere it's a sense of nostalgia that we truly miss.  Collect them all or you'll regret it.

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