Illinois still ranks high among states with residents tired of high taxes moving away. Discover which Indiana city is the perfect place to move if you want to leave Illinois but stay close to relatives.

For more than a decade, Illinois has seen a mass exodus of residents moving far away. Most of the people I know who have moved away from Illinois have done it for one of two reasons.


HIGH TAXES and COLD WEATHER. Flordia is one of the states that has seen many Illinois transplants running from the cold.

What Do You Hate Most About Living in Illinois

January is always our coldest month (February runs a close 2nd) and the winters are always on the list of things residents hate about living in Illinois.

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The 5 states Illinois Residents are Moving to Most

  1. Indiana
  2. Florida
  3. California
  4. Texas
  5. Wisconsin

Escaping Illinois' high taxes and bitterly cold winters to Florida, California, and Texas are the most popular moves.

Wisconsin and Indiana are also high on the list of new states to call home for Illinois residents looking to move out of state for a better cost of living.

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If the exceptionally high cost of living in Illinois has got you thinking about moving, but you want to stay close, one Indiana city might be your best choice.

The Indiana City Just Named Best Place to Live for Low Cost of Living

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A new study from puts the city of South Bend, Indiana at the top of the list of US cities with the lowest cost of living. South Bend scored high in housing, jobs, and diversity in addition to high scores for the cost of living.

The median home price is $169,000 which is around $30,000 less than the national average. South Bend is in northern Indiana and is home to Notre Dame University.


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Two other Indiana cities made the top 5

US Cities with Lowest Cost of Living

According to Niche, the top 5 cities are:

1. South Bend, Indiana

2. Brownsville, Texas

3. Evansville, Indiana

4. Fort Wayne, Indiana

5. Dayton, Ohio

If you wish to stay in Illinois but you're in search of a lower cost of living, consider one of the 2 Illinois cities that made the top 10 on this list from Niche.

9. Springfield, Illinois

10. Rockford, Illinois

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