A local school is hoping you have some time in the next week to help them collect items for an animal shelter in need.

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Recently I got a message on Facebook about a fundraiser happening at Ralston Elementary in Machesney Park.

The school's Gay Straight Alliance, or GSA for short, is working to collect items for Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Rockford.

One of the students, Addison, shared a video on YouTube asking anyone who is able to, to please donate newspaper or wet or dry dog or cat food to the school between February 27 and March 23.

This is part of an animal themed unit where students, teachers and school groups, like the GSA, are creating fun animal themed projects.

The GSA is looking for donations, and one of the Ralston teachers, Kim Woodkey is also having some animal fun with her students, asking them to create animal floats for a parade, which she shared on TikTok.

@kimwoodkey#duet with @dannyplansit #turkeyparade♬ original sound - Danny | Music Educator for ALL
You know what else is pretty cool? The Ralston Facebook page is PACKED with photos of kids sharing their random acts of kindness, which is one of my favorite things to see!

If you're looking to donate to the GSA's Noah's Ark project, you can drop donations off at Ralston at 710 Ralston Rd in Machesney Park.

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