As a bride and groom, you always want your first kiss as a married couple to be unforgettable; but not like this.

When I got married, one of my biggest fears was fainting. My husband and I got married in Mexico; it was 96 degrees on our wedding day, and of course, I had on this long; heavy wedding dress.  My face was melting, my boobs were sweating but I managed to stay upright the entire time because I was smart and hydrated.

This bridesmaid wasn't so lucky.  Poor 16-year-old Grace Ryan had fallen victim to the intense July heat in Chicago, where her brother got married in a venue that had floor to ceiling windows. They had been taking pictures in the sun for a majority of the day and it was probably one of the hottest days of the summer.

When the time came for the judge to say, "you may now kiss the bride", Grace fell face first onto the ground. Her brother, Kevin, heard a loud thud and thought she tripped and chuckled at first; then he say her face down on the floor. She was able to get back up, a little banged up but the wedding continued and the bride and groom got a redo on the kiss.

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