The next time you're in a Woodman's store, the vodka aisle might look a little different.

There is a lot going on in the world right now. So much that I would never be the person trying to explain it to you or share the actual news.


Get that somewhere else with news anchors and writers who are versed in the appropriate way to convey what's happening between Russia and Ukraine.

Just typing that sentences makes me nervous that I've got it wrong, but I think I have it right.

What I do know is that many local businesses are changing their in-store inventory to reflect their status in regards to the situation.

One of those businesses is Woodman's.

The store here in Rockford recently posted the following photo and caption.

I'm very interested in their choice to use the word discontinuing. Because that is a strong word and makes me believe that this is not something they're doing 'for the time being,' or 'to look like they're on the right side of something,' but instead, 'something permanent.'

I'm not sure what the status of their vodka shelves look like right now, how many bottles they have discontinued or what percentage of vodka with the word Russian on it, is in fact made in Russia, but I'm sure we could take a trip there and check it out.

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