Pleasant weather is a thing of the past. This year it's pretty much snow, rain or apparently humid AF.

Most of the Stateline kept repeating one thing over this treacherous winter, 'well when summer rolls around I won't complain about the heat.'

I was not one of those people.

Why? Because I always complain about the heat and no amount of snow can prevent that.

I apologize in advance for my complaining because according to this Good Housekeeping article, we are in for one hot summer.

If it would stop snowing first of course.

While we aren't quite in the scorching section of the map in the article, we are in humid and wet section.

Midwest and Central U.S.

Moving farther west, the north and south central states will get a nice amount of "large hail" and "damaging straight-line winds" in addition to thunderstorms and a warm, stormy July — lovely. You may also want to prepare for "a devastating tornado threat"'

Hopefully in the next few months, all of that intensity will change to, 'warm and comfortable.'

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