This story takes more twists and turns, than all the stories about that lady that runs the Rockford shelter...It's crazy! O.K., where to begin... WCIA

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Fredrick Goss is on trial in Illinois for armed robbery and exchanging gunfire with police, way to go dude, you bum! Fredrick is in a wheelchair. we go.


While on trial, in a wheelchair, at the Jefferson County Courthouse...dude was not cuffed and he lunged for the officers gun! A struggle for the weapon happened and another officer came to into the scene and SHOT Mr. Goss.

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Obviously Fredrick just doesn't care, obviously he's a moron and shows no respect to authority, hell her shot at cops before. Imagine the scene, guy in wheelchair lunges to take a cops gun, whoa!

“To protect the life of the correctional officer and himself, the deputy confronted the armed inmate and was forced to fire his weapon , the inmate was injured by the gunfire. Immediate assistance was requested.” - Illinois State Police

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What an awkward situation for the second officer that entered the scene. Here's a wheelchair bound inmate lunging towards and trying to take a gun from a fellow officer. Plus he was in that "split second" decision mode where he had to make that choice to fire his weapon. Wow!

A new trial was set for Fredrick Goss, and hopefully he's fully strapped down and can only nod.

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