Are you daring enough to visit 'The Devil's Playground?' Buckle up, it's about two hours from Rockford and it'll scare the crap out of you. 

The week before Halloween is almost the most fun. Tons of costumes, tons of candy and tons of places to visit to get your spook on.

I say this as a someone who once ran out of a haunted house because I was way too scared to spend even five minutes there, but hey I know that a lot of people love a good scare!

Seriously though, I put 'Bewitched' on TV the other day to try to feel Halloween vibes without actually watching something scary.

So I'm not making a trip to 'The Devil's Playground,' but you might want to!

WGN News in Chicago paid a visit to Flossmoor this week to dive into 'The Playground.'

According to their story, Keith Janowski and Renee Basick, have been creating this haunted house for four years but it's kind of in Keith's 'blood,' to create spooky scenes, he's been working on haunted homes for years and his electrician background helps him enhance each part of the spectacle.

There's also a charity component to this playground. They are accepting donations to the 'Don't Be a Monster,' program, which according to The Devil's Playground website: 

Don’t Be A Monster is the largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works alongside Haunted Attractions in the United States.

That's something I can get behind!

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