You probably know when the 'Day of the Dead,' is, but do you actually understand what it is?

Chances are, unless it was something your family participated in growing up, you don't really know the ins and the outs.

Maybe you learned a bit when you saw the Disney movie, Coco, but hearing it from someone who truly understands the concept, prep work and reason behind the celebration is a much better way to learn.

Which is why, I love when we get the chance to do just that, learn from an expert here in Rockford!

This week on Good Day Stateline, we had Manny Salgado on the show to set up (a very small) alter example and share his story and what the 'Day of the Dead,' means to him.

Manny is a huge personality in Rockford, not only when it comes to things like the 'Day of the Dead,' but he's also the man behind Tamale Fest of Rockford, which happens each September in Rockford, they're already planning next year's event for Saturday, September 9.

Manny is behind MASA, which is Mexico Americanos Saliendo Adelante, according to their website, they are a '501 c 3 designated nonprofit organization, providing entrepreneurial education for aspiring and current business owners and organizations, youth mentoring for young at-risk Latinos in the tri-county area, and culuture education.'

We're so thankful to have people like Manny who share these traditions with those of us who aren't in the know.

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