What's something that should've happened to you in your childhood that finally happened as an adult?

Life is filled with milestones, achievements and rites of passage. For most of us, they happen around the same time, but for others, it takes years to feel like you're 'normal.'

I could use so many examples in regard to late rites of passage but for me, it was losing my baby teeth.

Most kids lose their first tooth before they go to kindergarten. Some a little later, but by 7 years old, it's all 'been there, done that.'

Not for me.

I lost my first baby tooth in June of 1994 after my sister took my brother and me to see 'The Lion King.'

I wasn't really embarrassed but I was relieved that finally my tooth came out... expecting a bunch more teeth to come out after that one.

Let me just skip to the end.

I lost my last baby took IN HIGH SCHOOL.

That was embarrassing.

I'm still recovering.

This story isn't about me though, it's about my friend Matt who I met shortly after I lost my last baby tooth. He has a much better teeth story, but it ends in disappointment.

Matthew Blake on Facebook
Matthew Blake on Facebook

No cavities for 37 years? I'm very impressed. I had cavities before I lost that first baby tooth.

What about you? Do you have any shocking streaks like Matt? We would love to hear about them!

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